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As we strive to be a world-class innovator, we will continue to implement new concepts and invent new products while helping our clients develop and market  new ideas of their own.  We will continually work within our core values to meet the needs of our clients and the world around us.

core values

We have 6 core values at the heart of our company and all that we design:

Accountability - we hold ourselves individually and as a company accountable for all that we create and do.

Integrity - we value honesty and truth in all of our personal and business ventures.

Innovation - we commit to design and create new and interesting products for ourselves and customers.

Safety - we work to ensure that our own environment as well as our products remain safe and secure.

Commitment - we are dedicated to designing and creating great products and providing customers with outstanding service after the sale. 

Respect - we respect each other, our company, our customers, and the world that we live in.

Skills Include

Product Design



3D Printing


Web Design


We provide innovative and affordable designs and products to our customers while offering the unique skill sets that lend themselves to social media management and web design as well as the design, development, prototyping, and photography of new products.

About US

Our company is dedicated to designing, drawing, and creating original products that our clients can appreciate for their unique purposes.  Our designs have ranged from the functional final product of rim caps to decorative miniature keepsakes.  In fact, our original rim cap design with the three rings of six spokes became our logo because it represents our company's mission, vision and core values.

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