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jewelry design

Our interest in jewelry design stems from designing and making our own wedding bands about 14 years ago.  We kept designing and creating jewelry over the years.  With 3D printing technology becoming affordable, we knew we needed to try designing and printing some new jewelry.  The earrings were 3D printed in various resins on our Form 1+ printer and then we added either silver or gold findings to them.  We sell these on our Etsy shop and at various events.  We do take custom orders for shapes or sizes, though color options can be limited to the resins available.  The white moons below are an example of a custom order.

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other designs

We can often be found at our computers or in front of the printers working on new projects - some for fun and some to improve upon other products.  Here are some items we have 3D printed in the last couple of years.

tool and gadget design

We have been designing knives, tools, gadgets and miscellaneous parts for years.  We used to use CNC technology to make the final products, but again, with 3D printing technology, designing and creating these products has become even easier.  Some of these items were purely tests to see if they could be made and to check on durability of the part and others are actually functional and in use today.  The plastic knives are not in production.  These were primarily made out of curiosity.  However the rim caps and tow hitch plugs are completely functional and in use on vehicles even today.  We have created some of these parts with FDM printing technology and some with SLA printing technology.  The SLA printer (Form 1+) prints in resin and tends to provide a better finish when complete.